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Woot! -posted by Levi

September 11,2003 - 8:00am

Finished a part of the Wallpapers, Fanfiction, and Fanart sections today. Will add more as soon as possible.

But hey guys I *REALLY* wouldn't mind some fan-stuff, wallpapers and the like. C'mon, if I have to beg I will. Please? ^_^

And on other news, Ben Higgins is a bastard. Spam him! Spam him! *Cackles madly*

THANKS - posted by Levi
September 1, 2003 - 9:30am

First of all, a BIG thank you to the people who gave me some fanart. Now I know that my site isn't doomed(yet).

Next, thanks to the people who permitted me to post their material on this website. You guys rock! Namely:

Lady Blackhat

And that's naming a few of them. Also, thank you miss Raven, for instantly giving me the fanart the second I posted my pleadings for one. Ice-cool, she is!

Fanfiction of the week:
Generation Gunsmoke
By Lady Blackhat

Fanart of the week:

By the awesome Raven

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